Ayub Shamama – By SMD Ayub

Ancient and Natural – Spicy Shamama Attar

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World Famous 100% Natural – Ayub Shamama by SMD Ayub

100% natural perfume with spicy notes by the pioneers of Shamama, SMD Ayub. Being one of the most ancient attars, this herbal essence is created by harmoniously infusing a variety of herbs, woods, spices, and essential oils. Its aromatic profile boasts a luxurious spiciness. Having been first distilled 800 years ago,  even today, Shamama remains in great demand, playing a pivotal role in contemporary French perfumery by imparting alluring spicy facets. This intricate concoction involves the fusion of 40-50 distinct herbs and spices.

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1 review for Ayub Shamama – By SMD Ayub

  1. Sharyn (verified owner)

    This may be a small bottle but it packs a wonderful scent and you only need a smidgen, so it will last a long time.
    Post was very quick. Love the aroma of incense , when putting on, it did kind of smell like tobacco but 10 mins later the aroma was amazing, just like incense.
    Thank you 💗

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