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Jordan is an artisan attar which is a unique and sophisticated leather fragrance for men who appreciate the rich and complex notes of leather, musk and floral. This perfume oil is made using traditional methods, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and has a deep, nuanced aroma that is sure to delight the senses.

One of the standout features of this attar is its tobacco and musky notes. It evokes a sense of refinement and luxury, reminiscent of smoking a fine cigar in a gentleman’s club. The leather note adds depth and complexity to the scent, creating a warm, masculine aroma that is both classic and modern.

Perfume notes:

The addition of rose notes in this artisan attar adds a touch of elegance and romance to this leather fragrance for men. The rose scent is delicate and subtle, balancing out the bold and masculine notes of tobacco and leather. It adds a sweetness that makes the fragrance more complex and interesting the fragrance is not overpowering, but rather it complements the other scents and creates a harmonious and well-rounded fragrance. It has a very pleasant, and natural aroma, giving it a timeless quality. The rose note gives the Attar a sense of refinement and luxury, making it a perfect fragrance for any occasion.

Despite its bold and striking fragrance, this attar is not overpowering. It has a subtle, nuanced quality that makes it suitable for any occasion and weather. Whether you’re going to a formal event, a casual gathering, or just running errands, this attar will add a touch of elegance and style to your appearance without overwhelming those around you.

Why Attar?

One of the benefits of using an attar over traditional alcohol-based perfumes is that it lasts longer and a little goes a long way. This attar is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and want a truly special fragrance. It’s a perfect scent to wear on a date or a special occasion, and it’s also great for everyday wear.

In addition to its alluring aroma, this tobacco rose perfume for men also has a smooth and luxurious texture that feels great on the skin. It’s easy to apply, and it will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated all day long. Overall, it’s an exceptional fragrance for men who want a truly distinct and refined scent that will help them stand out in a crowd.

1 review for Jordan

  1. Kareemullah Qadry Mohammed Abdullah (verified owner)

    Very good.. masculine scent

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