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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best attar perfume in Australia

Oudraqy is the best alcohol-free perfume online shop to buy finest attar in Australia. We strive to bring the best in the oud attar world to the attar and oud lovers across. Our premium products are natural, and 100% Sandalwood oil based. We do not mix cheaper oils to bring the cost down. Some of our best sellers are listed below

  • Oud Maliki SSS – Premium and luxurious Oud wood oil. We also have some of the best Oud for greatness and glory
  • Mukhallat Maliki – beautiful oud, rose and spicy perfume notes combination to make it suitable for both men and women
  • Attar Mitti – unlike the cheaper synthetic version in the market sold as natural, our mitti attar (the scent of rain) was distilled using traditional distillation methods and is based in 100% pure Indian Sandalwood oil
  • Attar Gulab Special (Attar of Roses) is a natural rose extract sure to remind you of a garden of roses
  • Check our full range of attar for her, attar for men or unisex perfume here
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