What is Attar Perfume?

  1. Natural Fragrance: Attar perfume, also known as Itr or Eitr, are concentrated perfume oils derived from natural sources, such as flowers, herbs, spices, and wood, through a traditional distillation process.
  2. Strong Concentration: Attar is highly concentrated, making it more potent than traditional perfumes or colognes. A small drop can provide long-lasting fragrance.
  3. Long History: Attar has a rich history, dating back centuries to ancient civilizations like India and the Middle East, where it was used for perfuming, medicinal, and spiritual purposes.
  4. Variety of Scents: Attar comes in a wide range of scents, including floral (rose, jasmine), woody (sandalwood), spicy (saffron), and herbal (patchouli), catering to diverse preferences.
  5. Popular in Traditional Perfumery: Attar remains a staple in traditional perfumery and is often used in religious ceremonies, rituals, and as a personal fragrance in many cultures around the world.

Overall, the attar is a unique and luxurious natural perfume with a rich history and a distinctive, complex scent. It is popular for those looking for a natural and non-toxic alternative to commercial fragrances.

One of the traditional methods of making attar involves using a deg, which is a large, copper vessel used to steam distil the ingredients. The deg is filled with water and the ingredients are placed in a basket above the water. As the water boils, the steam rises up through the basket and extracts the essential oils from the components. The steam and essential oils are then cooled and condensed, resulting in a pure, concentrated form of attar.

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